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Historical Perspective

Carter Associates, Inc. Has Been Serving Florida For Over 110 Years.

Carter Associates, Inc. is one of Florida's oldest and most respected consulting engineering and land surveying firms, tracing its roots back to 1911 when CAI founder Robert D. Carter set up camp just outside present-day Vero Beach. In the beginning, Carter performed a section-line survey and designed a canal drainage program that changed 55,000 acres of marsh into useful salable land. The still functioning canal system, now managed by Indian River Farms Water Control District, continues to drain much of Indian River County and the City of Vero Beach allowing for a thriving economic community here on the Treasure Coast of Florida. CAI's credentials are unique in the history of the Indian River and surrounding counties. No other engineering and surveying firm has the advantage of over a century's worth of experience and knowledge of the Treasure Coast and the State of Florida, lending a historical perspective not found elsewhere. Frequently when answers cannot be found for drainage issues or property disputes, CAI is called upon to provide expert guidance and documentation from its extensive records library.

Then: One of Carter’s survey crews circa 1915.

Now: A very different mode of transportation but still with four wheels!

Community Impact


Then: Hard at work inside R.D. Carter's office at 21st Street and 14th Avenue.

Now: Today's office is located just blocks away from the original location.

Carter Associates, Inc. Is Largely Reponsible For The Development of Vero Beach.

The heritage of pioneering families such as the Carter's is strong. Over the years, CAI has worked on many major projects both — public and private. In the City of Vero Beach's formative years, CAI had a great impact on the community's development by providing surveying and layout of the City of Vero Beach starting in 1914; layout of State Road 60 in the 1920s; design and construction of one of the community's first housing subdivisions, the unique McAnsh Park; and assisting in the construction of many of the Treasure Coast's original barrier island bridges. But the impact of the development of this community does not lie only in the past. CAI continues to be actively engaged in projects affecting the community today — including roadway projects: portions of 26th Street, 43rd Avenue, 66th Avenue, 57th Street, 81st Street, and State Road AlA — including public park projects: North County Regional Park, Wabasso Causeway Park, Round Island Oceanfront Park — including governmental projects: County Parks Maintenance Facility, County Utility Operations Complex, Indian River Farms Water Control District Operations Complex, School District of Indian River County Support Services Complex-and school projects: Treasure Coast Elementary, Liberty Magnet, Vero Beach High School Renovation and Storm Grove Middle School-the School District's first "green" school.

Technology and Professional Expertise

Carter Associates, Inc. Invests Heavily In Our People & The Latest Technology To Provide The Best Deliverables Possible.

At Carter Associates, Inc., we invest in the latest technology utilizing the best available equipment, hardware, and software to service our clients and keep up with the changing times. CAI provides continual training for our employees to ensure our clients are provided with state-of-the-art top-quality deliverables. Our staff utilizes modern computer-aided drafting software to produce drawings that are easy to interpret. We utilize the latest software for computer modeling of systems including watersheds, hydraulic systems, and groundwater. Our surveyors are equipped with the latest electronic surveying equipment along with access to trucks, boats, all-terrain vehicles, aerial and submersable piloted drones and any piece of gear needed to perform at the highest level under any circumstance, producing quality work safely. At CAI, our most valuable resource is our people. We are equipped with a large staff of Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors and Mappers, along with field survey crews, technicians, draftsmen, and administrative support personnel and our own in house I.T. department. Our technology and professional expertise allow us at CAI to offer a complete and integrated menu of professional services to our residential, commercial, agricultural, and governmental clients.

The offices of Carter Associates, Inc. are located in Historic Downtown Vero Beach at 1708 21st Street